Help With ICT 's Adobe Acobat® "PDF" Files


  Problems Opening PDF Files

  Save A Copy On Your PC

  Browsing Around In the File

  Changing A Page View

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    Download, Printing, or Other Troubleshooting
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If a downloaded file (such as a play program) doesn't appear in the browser window as seen at the left, you probably don't have the most current version of the Adobe Acrobat® viewer.  The ICT files require Acrobat 6.0 or later.

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How to Save a Copy

If you would like to save a copy of the file on your computer for future use without downloading again, select "Save a Copy" from the menu ...

... the "Save a Copy" window at left will open.  Browse to the folder where you would like to store the copy, choose a name or accept the default ("bathroom.pdf" in this case), and click on "Save"

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How to Browse the File

At the bottom of the viewer window you will find forward and back arrows to allow you to page through the file.  Or, you can enter the number of the page that you would like to view.

Moving the cursor over a page may reveal links to information.  These links may be high-lighted, and can be recognized by the appearance of the pointing finger "Link" cursor.

Click on Search Tool in the menu to open a search dialog in which you can enter a text string that you would like to find.

Click on the Page Tab "Tab" at the left side of the viewer window to scan "thumbnail" views of the file pages.  Clicking on the thumbnail of a page will jump to that page in the file.

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How to Change the Page View

Dependent upon the particular information and your screen resolution, it may be helpful to alter the view magnification.  Clicking the "Actual Size" icon will render the page at 100% magnification.

Clicking the "Fit Width" icon will render the page at a magnification that will allow the full width of the page to be viewed in the window.

The Magnifyer and Zoom tools have their normal window functions to alter the page magnification.

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