"Poetry Jam"

No photo's or records of this evening were kept, but the solicitation says it all:

"The original vision of the lola Community Theatre Warehouse was that it be more than a dinner theatre and rehearsal hall.  The Poetry Jam is consistent with that vision."

"On January 6, 1994, ICT is sponsoring an evening of original poems written by area poets.  We invite you to participate.  If you write poetry, then now is the time to come out of the closet and share your talents at the ICT Poetry Jam.  There will be prizes (although not very big ones), munchies (although not very nourishing ones), and beverages (although not very strong ones) and fun, too.  What we need to know at this time is who are the area poets.  If you write poetry or know someone who does, then please contact us.  We'll keep you informed.  We Promise!"

"And even if you don't write poems, come anyway.  You only have to love words."

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