"The Diary of Anne Frank"

No Photographs



Mr. Frank

Eugene Myers


Lyn Luttrell

Mrs. Van Daan

Charlene Lesline

Mr. Van Daan

Mitchell Bushey

Peter Van Daan

Larry Blake

Mrs. Frank

Ann Curry

Margot Frank

Judy Doolittle

Anne Frank

Pat McCoy

Mr. Kraler

Charles W. Elswick

Mr. Dussel

Spencer A. Card



Staged & Directed

Richard G. Sharine

Stage Manager & Assistant Director

Helen Lacy

Set & Light Design

Richard G. Scharine

Costumes & Makeup Design

Marilyn Scharine

Set Construction

Douglas McCully

Set Painting

Alberta Jeffery

Sound Effects

S. Welcome Stanton


Elizabeth Stith

Box Office

Don Martin


Russell Goes, Steve McCully, Bill Westerman

Set Construction

Kendall Ashford, Larry Blake, Tod Canatsey, Paul Cramm, Russell Goes, Jack Hixon, Frank Lenski, Glyndon Looker, Steve McCully

Sound Effects

Ray Moorhead, Tom Wheat


Frank Link, Jayce Waterman, Keith Shetlar

Rehearsal Assistant

Jane BowIus


Winifred Bicknell, Barbara Dailey, Mary Ellen Stadler, Marjorie Wilson, Wilma Woodworth

Set Painting

Bill Dreher, Jr., Ruth Foust, Sue Immel, Jack Jeffery, Steve McCully, Wilma McCully, Beth Ray, Connie Snider, Gertrude Williams


Jerry Cartright, Bill Dreher, Jr., Jack Jeffery, Gertrude Larzalere, Betty Miller, Helen Perham, Connie Snider


Shirley Ashford, Jane BowIus, Pauline A. Flynn, Dorna Griffith, Shirley Upshaw

Hair Styling

Sandy Hamm

Publicity Committee

Marjorie G. Gard, Mickey Lynn, Gerald Snider, W. Evertt Harlan, Helen Lacy, Charlene Lesline, Blue Masque Players

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