The final "One Night Stand" of the 2009-2010 season was a performance by Jared Ellis.

Jared is a musician and songwriter with a passion for storytelling who leaves no stone unturned.  The oldest child of a very musical Southeast Kansas family, he learned his trade by watching his father play guitar for years.  Jared was inspired by the lyrical content of his father's original music, and by other authors and musicians.  But more specifically, by a young rebel from a small town called Nazareth.  Jared's music can inspire and excite both the young and the old, touching on many genres of music.  Jared's musical characters are typically the down and out of society that are searching for redemption in a broken world.  It is here that Jared's story began, where all of our stories begin.

Below are links to samples of his music, all written and performed by Jared:

Bended Reed,  
On My Knees,  
Hanging This On You,  
Sunday Blues,  
Tweaked Out,  
Here I Stand,  

The performance was Friday July 23rd at 7:00 PM.  Refreshments were provided.

Jared Ellis
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