"Dream Boat"

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Captain Lee Stern

James Beltz

Pierre Juan

Levi Bailey

Hatch Keel

Josh Emerson

Winny Ward

Chelsea Kenyon

Mary Thyme

Gina Storrer

Dreamboat Singers

Jim Rausch
Jim Gilpin
Susie McKinnis
Pam Tressler

Marcus the Magnificent

Mark Toland

Dingy Aftwater

Deb Smail




Susan Raines

Musical Director

Jan Knewtson

Production Manager

Judy Cochran

Stage Manager/Props

Deb Smail

Costume Mistress

Margaret Robb

Set Design

Susan Raines, Richard Spencer

Set Construction

Richard Spencer

Technical Crew

Richard Spencer, Greg Martin, Ron Smail


Rocky Beltz

Table Decorations

Jan KNewtson


Judy Cochran


Judy Cochran


Judy Cochran, Donna Culver, Mary Martin, Diana Asher

Cast Party

Dan & Linda Johnson, Paul & Saundra Upshaw, Richard & Jan Knewtson

Culinary Crew

Nancy Maier, Liz Cox, Margaret Robb, Diana Asher, Dan Johnson, Linda Johnson, Saundra Upshaw, Mary Martin

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